It was an error in translation that led the apple to becoming the fruit of desire. Spread through Europe by way of horses’ stomachs and birds’ beaks, the apple originated from forests in Russia close to the Silk Road. Its adaptability and resilience allowed the fruit to spread and morph, so much so that we can trace it back to myths of fertility, corruption, seduction and the heavens. The apple appears inexplicably and simultaneously in Norse, Greek and Roman mythology. It retained a complex allure of power throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance and, to this day, it still holds important symbolic weight in Christian traditions.

There is no pure apple. Much like desire operates, the apple’s genus is constantly evolving with or without human intervention. The seeds protect themselves with a bitter coating, safe from greedy mouths. Yet desire infiltrates, it propels us and allows us to survive threats. Desire fuels mythologies: it is at times violent, soft, or humorous.





EROS is a touring performance art event showcasing work by artists from Canada, Europe, South America and the US.

Inspired by the history of the Cabaret Voltaire, and contemporary performance evenings such as NYC’s Incarnata Social Club, this simple informal event aims to provide accessibility to a variety of performance aesthetics while bringing together international and local artists in an environment of open exploration. Through a combination of visual projections, drag, spoken word, ritualistic gestures and song, EROS investigates various manifestations of desire and how they relate to identity and personal politics. EROS seeks to examine how desire can alternately be used as a weapon, a life preserver, and as fuel for resistance in times of political threat.






Canadian Art





EROS is now accepting submissions. Please send a short proposal (300 w) as well as five images of your work or a link to your website.

EROS is currently open for International bookings, contact us for more information on the artists involved and available dates.